Scarlet's Schedule

Look at what Scarlet is currently working on and where to see her on a show near to you! Please be aware that
show times and locations may change! Please also check Scarlet's MySpace profile for schedule updates.

There are currently no show entries for 2008!


Date Type Venue Location Additional Information

December 1st

& Jan Wayne Show

Club Bochum -


Date Type Venue Location Additional Information
April 24th - May 5th 2006 Album Writing - Oslo (Norway) -
June 17th 2006 Rednex Tribute Show Dommhoff-Festival Vreden (Germany) -
June 29th 2006 Sponsor Party/ Rednex Tribute - Secret Location -
June 30th 2006 Rednex Tribute Show Zeltfest Interlaken (Switzerland) -
July 15th - July 31st 2006 Rock 'n' Relax - France Rock'n'Relax Homepage
August 10th 2006 Rednex Tribute Show Stoppelmarkt Vechta (Germany) Stoppelmarkt Homepage
October 21st 2006 Rednex Tribute Show Ski Hall Bispingen (Germany) -
November 25th 2006 Rednex Tribute Show - Oberhausen (Germany) -
November 26th 2006 Rednex Tribute Show - Gelsenkirchen -


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